Friday, July 21, 2017

Zotero 5.0 replacing Zotero for Firefox

via Kyle Denlinger, ZSR library:
Those who’ve been using Zotero since its early days probably remember Zotero as an add-on that lived exclusively within the Firefox browser. There was no separate application–it was just Zotero and Firefox, living together harmoniously. Well, time and change have brought with them new browsers, new browser architecture, and, inevitably, Zotero Standalone, which was compatible with most browsers, not just Firefox. For reasons outside of Zotero’s control, Zotero for Firefox is being discontinued and all Zotero for Firefox users will be prompted to install Zotero 5.0, which is identical in almost every way to Zotero Standalone (4.0). Read more about these changes on the Zotero blog. It’s understandable that this shift might be somewhat scary for Zotero for Firefox users. But don’t worry–Zotero still works just fine with Firefox through its browser connector, and the Zotero team has been working diligently to ensure that you will not experience any data loss as you transition.
Please check with your liaison librarian for more information! And the Zotero site describes new features in this update: