Monday, May 14, 2012

Reviews, reviews, reviews. And goals.

This is peer review time in our unit so I've been reading annual reports and submitting reviews. Plus of course there are tenure reviews and post-tenure reviews for the PE&T committee. Those are high stakes.

It is nice to read about the good work that folks have been doing.

And timely since I need to set my own goals for the upcoming year.  I know about some of the projects coming my way. That helps. In general I try to structure my goals around the general expectations for my job -
  1. General/interdisciplinary reference and information service
  2. Liaison (subject) librarian and collection development - 6 schools, depts, and programs plus interdisciplinary
  3. Library instruction - mostly in my liaison areas but starting this year I'll be one of the folks officially taking a turn helping out with freshman/first year instruction, yay!
  4. Scholarly, research, creative activities
  5. Service
  6. Professional development and continuing education
I aim for S.M.A.R.T. goals from as many of these categories as possible.