Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Evaluating (health) information and engaging students

This morning I met with Jane Harris, an instructional technology consultant with the School of HHP who is beyond cool. We started planning a workshop about evaluating online health information.

Before our meeting, Jane sent me a link to a Digital Literacy session (non-health related) that she presented for the Sloan-C Blended Learning Conference.  Wow. Just wow.  I sent Jane a link to Evaluating Internet Health Information from the National Library of Medicine. It's a very helpful tutorial and my main go-to source for this topic.

The meeting opened with the suggestion that we provide a session with minimal lecture and keep the students "doing and sharing out" because "lectures are so 19th and 20th century." 

Jane had great ideas for providing information to students beforehand, leading and recording discussion, etc. 

I am getting really pumped about meeting new students next week at orientations, then during in-class visits.  But I gotta say, I'm especially excited about this session.