Thursday, September 8, 2016

MEDLINE Visualization Tools

Do you use PubMed on daily basis?

Are you interested in seeing visual overviews of how your keyword searches match up to MeSH heading, and to articles in MEDLINE?

Try one of these MEDLINE Visualization Tools!

MeSH Category Graph (
  • start with a keyword search and compare the broad categories your results are indexed under (e.g. "anatomy", "diseases",  etc.), to those of MEDLINE as a whole

MeSH Subheading Graph (
  • will plot a set of MEDLINE results against the 23 "explodable" subheadings

PubVenn (
  • " Enter any multi-term search to see the relative size of the citation set for each term as well as how those sets interact."

-From Ed Sperr, Clinical Information Librarian, via the Medical Libraries Discussion List