Tuesday, February 14, 2017

DynaMed - Evidence based and available for offline use on mobile devices

I've had several great questions about DynaMed, the database that provides clinical summaries for > 3,000 topics, plus drug information and clinical calculators.

1. Is DynaMed Evidence Based?


This page describes how DynaMed summaries are based on best available evidence: extensive literature review to identify sources, critical appraisal based on levels of evidence (I'd add that levels of underlying evidence are clearly noted in the summaries), synthesis of evidence, and frequent updates.

> 500 medical journals are reviewed daily to update topics.  The last update is noted at the top of each summary.  Often it's within a few months. You shouldn't see any topic last updated 5 years ago (if you do, let your librarian know!).

2. Is DynaMed available for mobile use?

Yes!  You can use DynaMed offline on a mobile device.

Create your own free account with Dynamed and download the app. Instructions are here.

Please note, if you'd like to use DynaMed online, just point your browser to any DynaMed link on the library website and use your iSpartan account to log in. 

We'll have access to DynaMed until July 2019.