Friday, June 15, 2012

Help page for the new catalog

Our doughty IT and tech services folk are still configuring the full WorldCat Local catalog.

But it's important to have some help documentation on hand. If nothing else it's prep for training workshops!

So a couple of us are looking at existing help guides and working on things for our own library. Our working group includes the DE librarian (aka tutorial maker extraordinaire), a director of marketing and outreach (sounds exalted but she's nice and very approachable), and the systems librarian (our catalog guy).  We've got access to a librarian who has been working reference at High Point University Libraries.  Would be nice to pull her into the working group, too.

Here are the WorldCat Local help pages that I liked best from other institutions:
Speaking of training...we've got our  first year instruction coordinator planning some workshops. Yay!! I think that she's the most prolific presenter in our library (one year she taught 173 library instruction workshops).  I think we're going to start with sandbox sessions for library personnel before the rollout, then move out to other groups on campus.