Friday, June 8, 2012

Benchmarking for DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)

I recently received a request to report on library support for a potential new Doctor of Nursing Practice program with nurse anesthesia and adult/gerontology nurse practitioner tracks. 

Apparently there are a number of NC schools seeking to offer a DNP program (see News & Record story).  That makes sense, given the AACN position on moving the terminal degree for advance nursing practice from master's level up to a doctorate.

Of course, we're interested in comparing our library stuff to the stuff at libraries already supporting this kind of program.  I started with the established DNP programs suggested by the faculty member - Duke University, University of Maryland, etc.

Now, I know that our library resources are great.  And value for dollars spent on databases, journals, etc.? A-MAZING.  (One of our administrators is currently organizing a cost/use analysis requested by UNC General Administration for our library PLUS other libraries in one of our consortia.  b/c he kicks a** at that stuff).

But I'm getting a serious case of library envy when comparing our collection and human resources to schools that charge upwards of $43,000/year.

Since I have some time, I'd rather start at the other end - benchmark nursing resources at libraries similar to ours.  Get that kick-a** feeling back before checking out the heavy hitters.