Monday, October 15, 2012

librarian-eyes only

Or for anyone who wants to find out what medical librarians get up to when they travel... Snippets from the  MAC MLA Quad Chapter Meeting 10/2012

ECU librarians are a musical bunch. There was a great rendition of "Here Comes the Sun" before the keynote.

Souzan Hawaly-Druy on cultural competence

keynote touched on generational, ethnic, geographic cultural differences
stop asking "what's wrong with this person who..." (talks too loud, stands too close, etc.) ask "what part of my culture has a problem w/this?"

use sandwich communication technique to honestly communicate something that needs resolution not just add'l understanding

"the difficulty is not in new ideas but in escaping from the old ones" - John Maynard

Big Data plus some ideas that Google would like to promote 

Presentation by Jon Orwant, Research Manager for Google. Awful pic but fun presentation. They always send great speakers to conferences.
Big data = trendoid term for "so much data, it needs special handling due to the size."  obviously this changes over time.
example: mobile phone app that would use gyrometer to detect a bump when driving over a pothole. imagine consolidated data based on thousands of phones in a community running this app

Artificial intelligence definition "whatever hasn't been done yet"

Google translate - free app for iphone and android. looking forward to playing w/this one :)

Google books
-OCR challenges
-Orwant programs help determine copyright status. life + x is a rule of thumb, actuarial table data used.
- the authors guild lawsuit - "i was the only person who was a defendant and a plaintiff" LOL, recent authors guild lawsuit against the Hathi Trust
-Google for content analysis, ie use of United States as a plural noun declined after Civil War and Reconstruction

Google suggestions, reminders for medical librarians
-Google: "please tell people about the "site" operator" = warm fuzzy for me! got props from recent public health class on this one :)
-Google: yes there is a proximity operator:AROUND. it must be capitalized
-Google: symptom search - descriptons from Google and from searchengineland
-Google: pharmaceutical info - a little info is provided about the source of drug info) and much info is pulled from the NIH

-eulerian magnification interesting potential applications: amplification of video images that show pulse, use video rather than more invasive techniques for measuring vitals?

-Personalized medicine - get part of your genome analyzed
-the measured man

-CDC Public Health Grand rounds
-TED talk by Thomas Goetz: it's time to redesign medical data, "better health is not a science problem, it's an information problem"

Some interesting papers and posters

Determining Allied Health Core Journals: A Preliminary Study - provided by Robert Britton, Judy Burnham, and Jie Li of the Biomedical Library at University of South Alabama.

SO USEFUL!  A much more thorough review than I usually have time to perform.  Audiology and SLP, Dietician and Nutritionist, Occupational Therapy, PT, and other fields. Nice methodology.  It sounds like they're planning to expand each review and make them publicly available in future.  Yes, please!

Taneya Koonce of Vanderbilt Univ Medical Center presented on a cool research project Engaging patients through health literacy

  • Gave emergency dept patients health information on hypertension
  • experiment one took health literacy assessments completed S-TOFHLA - got health info tailored to their health literacy level
  • experiment two took VARK learning style inventory and brief version of S-TOFHLA - got health info tailored to their health lit level AND learning style - visual handout or audio recording + 1-800 number or cue cards to rearrange (w/magnets to be put on fridge)
  • control groups got standard health info
  • at follow up, experiment two intervention group answered twice as many questions correctly as the control group
Health literacy also considered in presentation of genetic screening results to patients through the My Health at Vanderbilt portal.

Feili Tu-Keefner, USC on Twitter, scholarly communication, and evidence-based health information access: How major medical journals have been using social media for information dissemination.
Counted, categorized tweets by several major medical journals from May-Aug 2012 (ow her poor R.A. probably has info overload!): @bmj_latest, @jama_current, @TheLancet, and @NEJM

publisher policies not publicly posted but they're actively using Twitter for SDI and PR

NEJM provided highest percentage of tweets w/links to original research articles (vs. announcements and other content)

many tweets by all pubrs led to unavailable/protected content that would have been available via IP authentication on campus of the researcher - libraries need to figure out how to bridge this gap
Fritz Dement lovely job of presenting a group project at NYU: Crowdsourcing as a tool for rapid library data cleanup

As RML resource library, supposed to maintain current list of print and online journal holdings with DOCLINE

Heavy weeding and other projects in brief timeframe killed this goal; mess for ILL lending librarians

Library IT put together a framed web page that included: SERHOLD interface for updating holdings in DOCLINE, also widget with serials linking system, and widget to db of serials needing updates

22 people  mostly access services depts across three libraries were asked to have at it; try to update at least 20 records per day, if it's problematic escalate

Over 5.000 serials records updated in a few weeks during late summer.

Ask-A-Nurse service - In the library, same hour each week, for students. How cool is that?

Rick Wallace,  Nakia Woodward, and Katherine Wolf presented the poster Tennessee Health Sciences Library Association: Connections and disconnections over time - a content analysis.

Interesting history of the profession.  And a great group of librarians :)

Secure online repository for curricula and other mateials for public health/librarian outreach projects: - needs content, librarians contact Terri Ottosen tottosen@hshsl.umaryland or Nancy Patterson