Monday, October 1, 2012

PubMed links to UNCG e-journal subscriptions

PubMed can now link to full text articles at UNCG. Yes, even off-campus. Three cheers for the new e-journal linking system!

Here's a preview of what you need to do:
  1. In your free MyNCBI account (PubMed), set your Outside Tool to UNCG
  2. When you search PubMed, sign into your MyNCBI account.
  3. In PubMed results, near the abstract, follow the UNCG symbol into the A to Z e-journals list
Here is more detail:

Set Up

1. Sign into your My NCBI account (or create your account if you have not done so). This is your own account with NCBI, not related to the library (yet!).

2. Go to the Site Preferences area.

3. Go to "Outside Tools" set UNCG as your library and save this setting.


1. Start your search from a PubMed link from the UNCG library site.

2. Type a search

3. UNCG links are located near the abstracts of results.  To see the UNCG symbol in your list of results, set the Display Settings link to Abstract.

4. Click on the UNCG symbol to go into the UNCG A to Z e-journals list.

5. If there is a "full text" link in the A to Z e-journals list, follow it directly into the online article OR into the entire journal (where you might need to click a few times to navigate to your article).

6. If there is a message "online resource not found," you can use the Interlibrary Loan link to ask ILL staff to find the pdf from another library.  Log in with your UNCG computer account info (same as blackboard).  The publication info in the request will already be filled in.

More robust help documentation on this will be forthcoming when library instruction, consults, and other immediate beginning and middle of semester library business allows.