Wednesday, January 21, 2015

NEW sources! Natural Standard, ProQuest journals

We've just gotten two years of access to new health science content through the NC LIVE library consortium. Great sources!  This is the most info excitement that I've had in years.  Steve Martin, how about you?

Natural Standard
  • Summaries of effectiveness and safety of dietary supplements, herbs, and integrative medicine
  • Browse by condition (osteoarthritis) or by substance (chondroitin) or therapy (reflexology)
  • Includes a Sports Medicine Database - lots of ergogenic aids and some very substantial overviews such as "Sports Performance."
  • Includes interaction checker and nutrient depletion checker!
ProQuest Central
Searches many PQ databases. Huge collection of academic journals, professional journals, reports and other sources on many topics!

Like other subscription databases, you'll need your UNCG computer account information for off-campus access.

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