Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Faculty - Share your works in NC DOCKS, increase your visibility

Dear Faculty,

NC DOCKS is UNCG’s open access institutional repository, which archives journal articles and other scholarly works and makes them available to researchers worldwide. In the last year, there were more than three million downloads of UNCG NC DOCKS items. Your participation will enhance readership of your own works, as well as showcasing the breadth and the value of scholarship created by UNCG faculty members.

If you have updates to your profile or publications list, please send them to Tiffany Henry, the NC DOCKS Assistant Coordinator at Jackson Library (tnhenry@uncg.edu). She can work from individual creative works (such as articles in PDF or Word form, or PowerPoint slides) or from a publications list (such as a CV).

When you send materials or a CV, Tiffany will check each article or other work to verify the copyright policies of the associated publisher, and we will archive what we can (many publishers allow archiving, but some do not).

If you do not yet have a profile but would like to start one, please contact Tiffany and let her know. Your profile can contain a picture, short bio, and any contact information that you would like made available.

NC DOCKS is also accepts works from UNCG students. To be included in the database, student works must come with a recommendation from one or more faculty members.

In addition to sharing and archiving scholarly works, NC DOCKS also offers the option to archive and share research data sets, through a partnership with the Odum Institute at UNC Chapel Hill. See our online guide for more information: http://uncg.libguides.com/c.php?g=117281&p=763222

If you have any questions about faculty publications (or anything else) regarding NC DOCKS, our staff will be happy to help:
 Thank you for your support of NC DOCKS and open access scholarship!