Thursday, August 14, 2014

Self checkout for DVDs! Longer loans! No book fines! (but yes a missing item processing fee if returned way late)

Campus Weekly just summarized a pile of great library news. Read all about it!

About fines 
  • there are still late fees for books & other items on Reserve, also for DVDs, Tech Lending and AV Equipment
  • there is a $20 lost item processing fee for anything returned very late: 8 days for Reserves, DVDs, Tech Lending and AV Equipment; 40 days for Stacks, Current Literature, Audiobook and Paperback books PLUS the cost of replacing that item
 DVD self checkout
 If you use the machine to check DVDs out to yourself, don't forget to UNLOCK them!  Slide the DVDs through one of the small black boxy things that look like this

There are a couple just inside the ramp leading up to the EUC, and a couple just inside the door leading out to College Avenue.

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